"As huge and sprawling as India itself, Three Bargains is an epic novel of a nation in transition and a man determined to ride the crest of its wave. Malik knows the careless entitled nabobs of the old order and the hungry on-the-make entrepreneurs of the new, the shameful slums and the slick skyscrapers, and brings them all vividly to life in a dazzling page-turner of heartbreak and hope." Ellen Feldman, author of The Unwitting

"Three Bargains is such a beautifully written book, full of moving, honest, indelible characters that make you hate to leave them by the end—an astonishing debut! Reading Malik’s first novel reminded me of encountering Toni Morrison and Louise Erdrich’s early fiction—you already see the promise of genius there.” Jonis Agee, author of The River Wife

"Three Bargains brought back the dimly remembered pleasure of being swept up in the fast, deep waters of a great tale. Richly textured and morally nuanced, it’s the archetypal rags to riches story made urgent and new again, this time in modern India." Debra Dean, author of The Mirrored World

“This is the kind of novel one sinks into, forgetting everything but the story. Madan’s story begins in an Indian factory town controlled by a man both brutal and loving (imagine a South Asian Tony Soprano.) The boy’s exotic and extreme circumstances simply magnify the kinds of yearnings most of us have – for love, safety, a good father – and the conflicts and compromises we all face.” — Peggy Payne, author of Sister India

"Three Bargains explores the often barbed territory between fathers and sons and the timeless conflict between filial duty and freedom. Tania Malik’s sensual and sharp debut expertly transports us to an India as brutal as it is lush. You will not forget these characters or the difficult choices they face." — Joanna Hershon, author of A Dual Inheritance

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